Boris Karloff - Tales of the Frightened
Boris Karloff – Tales of the Frightened

“Are You One of The Frightened?” Tales of the Frightened features short stories read by the great horror film actor Boris Karloff lasting around 5 minutes per spooky vignette.

Each episode of Tales of the Frightened is read masterfully by the uncanny Boris Karloff who projects a slow yet truly frightening sense of doom. The show also features sound effects of moaning, clanking chains, screams, and other spooky sounds.

Tales of the Frightened was based a short stories written by Michael Avallone in the horror and fiction magazines.

01 – The Man In The Raincoat
02 – Dont Lose Your Head
03 – The Hand Of Fate
04 – The Deadly Dress
05 – Call At Midnight
06 – Just Inside The Cemetery
07 – The Fortune Teller
08 – The Ladder
09 – Never Kick A Black Cat
10 – The Vampire Sleeps
11 – The Mirror Of Death
12 – Voice From The Grave
13 – Nightmare