Dark Entertainments Dark Towers- Steven Dark

WELCOME to Dark Towers or, as it’s affectionately known to residents and guests, The Towers, is a rambling old mansion, in anachronistic Neo-Victorian Gothic Steampunk style set in a remote area, standing (or falling down to be more accurate) in some acreage of unkempt gardens.

So, step inside and (re-)discover the beautiful age of La Belle Époque and the dark decadence of the fin de siècle that pervades every creaking floorboard and dusty nook and cranny of the Towers, a Macabre Museum of Morbid Melancholia and Cabinet of Creepy Collectables and Curiosities where Gothic Fiction, Tales of Terror, Dark Legends and Ghost Stories jostle with Bohemian decadence, ornate design and lasciviously luxurious fashion – all reflected in the very idiosyncratic interests and obsessions of your host which may be quite succinctly stated as ‘The Mysteries of Death, the Madness of Life and the Magic of the Night‘ an unholy trinity that encompasses the fields of metaphysics, esoterica, erotica and the occult. In other words, the spooky, the creepy, the supernatural, the paranormal and just about everything that may go bump (or grind …!) in the night.

Come with me, leave behind the cares of the modern world, take a  step back in time to an era of grace and elegance when men were gentlemen and ladies were, well, quite naughty really. Let the ladies of the manor show you around and attend to your every need. I see you shiver with antici ………………………………………………….. pation! Let us enter. The servants will draw the heavy velvet drapes as we take our seats and recline in the sumptuous ox blood Chesterfield. Allow me to turn down the gas-lamps and offer you a warming glass of brandy and a fine cigar as we settle to enjoy the decidedly devilish display of distractions, divertissements, devices and decoctions displayed with all due diligence for your delight, delectation, disport and dissipation. Phew!!!

Join the Heirarchy of Horrorness and see how fiendish -oops- I mean Friendly we are! 🙂

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