Steven Dark presents Horror Radio 24/7/365 broadcasting from beyond the grave a veritable cornucopia of old time radio shows, gothic horror, mystery and thrillers, classic ghost stories, spine chilling tales of terror and supernatural suspense mingled with a morose medley of macabre and morbid music. Listen to the Fear You Can Hear from Beyond the Grave.

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You find yourself alone in the ‘Towers’ on a cold, wintry night, you turn down the gas lamps, light the candles, snuggle up in a comfy fireside chair, tune in to Steven Dark’s Free Horror Radio 24/7/365, turn up the volume and prepare to be terrorfied as you listen to a veritable variety of horrible histories, of hauntings and apparations, spine-tingling tales of terror and dialogues of demonic darklings and their dreadful deeds. Err… what was that tapping against the window pane? A tree branch bending with the wind … or …? And finally … if you enjoy your stay, please recommend my esteemed establishment of eclectic, erudite and eerie entertainments to your –fiends– … oops … I mean friends. Thank You.


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